Soaked cashew nuts, raspberries, baby spinach, golden linseed, Alpro soya cherry yoghurt and Alpro soya light milk - all non gmo mixed with handheld blender. Lovely and creamy▲

Bhindian tori sabji (lady fingers or okra) with salad 》pakore with tiger tiger sauce 》 three ginger Pukka herbal tea, popcorn and dates 》 fresh strawberries, blueberries and Alpro non gmo cherry soya yoghurt ♥

I have been busy creating handmade cards, bookmarks, scrapbooks and canvases thid week. If you are interested to order any items, please follow my Facebook page Kippa’s HANDMADE Card’s.

2 smoothies today, pushing the boat out lol! The 3 pictures are the same smoothie, it helps me to remember the ingredients, kind of! After eating a small portion of leftover rice needed something filling and to cool down with》Large amount curly kale, frozen blackberries & raspberries, banana, golden linseed, coconut water. After I blended the ingredients also added a swig of guava juice. Just because it was in the fridge :)》Baby spinach, half punnet fresh raspberries, 1/2 an avacado, flaxseed, banana, large helping of non gmo soya milk *blitz.

I have no smoothie machine and use a hand blender & cover the cup with my hand to avoid splatter. I know! But it works!

Visit my mum & dad’s and get fed til you burst ♥ no complaints lol! Maki and methe roti, the yellow one》Onion and pea rice with shole and potatoe dhal.

Fruit feast. Quinoa bar was too sweet with added sugar and other flexes… God willing will try to see if I can bake a homemade version. Loved three tulsee herbal tea in.the handleless mug this morning :)

PS Happy 13 year Anniversary to my life partner and soul mate who has had to cope with my mad fits, bright ideas, scatter brain and stubbornness. Most of all I have loved being able to have creative space in the home to continue flourishing in my home business of cardmaking and scrapbooking. If you want to see more of my artwork. Follow my facebook page at Kippa’s HANDMADE Card’s.

Not a huge fan of working weekends but I do get days off in the week which helps balance out other stuff. 8am start tomorrow…

Heavy duty salad! Attempted to eat part of it at lunch time then another portion at teatime. Carrots, cucumber, houmous, baby spinach, celery, tomatoes and yellow bell pepper 》Love these cute freezer bags. I added fresh strawberries and blueberries for my smoothie fix 》Veg topped pizza for kids 》 Oranges 》Smoothie of coconut water and pineapple, strawberries and a few frozen raspberries 》Crackerbread with houmous.

Thick smoothie of 1 frozen banana, handful frozen raspberries, handful frozen blackberries, soya milk and shelled hemp》Normal smoothie of frozen banana, fresh strawberries, pineapple and coconut water, flaxseed, heaped teaspoon wheatgrass powder》Lunch of blanched kale woth tomatoes and hash browns》Dinner of Fry’s vegetarian chicken burger in lettuce sandwich with tomatoes, cayenne pepper and sliced onions♥

4 kiwis, 4 grapes》fam ate toasted wholewheat wraps with tomato, onions and veg chicken slices》I ate leftover bake》 Rubicon slush suitable for vegetarians, that’s what we like to see!

Vegetarian/vegan bake 50/50 :) layered with par boiled sliced potatoes, grated cauliflower, bell pepper, half a sliced onion, salt and pepper. The vegetarian side has cheddar cheese over it and the the vegan side hasn’t. Went down well, including with the kids!

Strawberry/spirulina powder/banana/almond/water smoothie 》strawberries with flaffels 》plain rice with pakora/potatoe/soya dhal》mango/banana/coconut water with pineapple snack smoothie》more soya chunk dhal with extra potatoes with chickpea crispbread.