Vaheguru #thankyou

Methe vaali maki dhi roti #nowsleep

Methe vaali maki dhi roti #nowsleep

} mango, kiwi, pear
} gluten & wheat free thins with bean burger and tomato

》Boiled cauliflower, broccoli, savoy cabbage & pakore》banana & blueberries》brown spaghetti with roasted veg》masar dhal & roti

Mango and pear

Mango and pear

Just another food gallery…

Green smoothie recipe of
● whole large pack of spinach
● overheaped tablespoon of milled chia seeds
● overripe large banana
● cup of soya bean milk

Makes enough for two cupfuls

Them plaintain crisps are the business. They come in salty or sweet. I went for salty, try.》 Mother dear made some saag/spinach [thank you] x Some we ate today, the left over is destined for the freezer in a dabaa》leftover stirfry and apple for lunch》 banana and orange!

Good night beautiful people 》knockout zZZ

Langer at BOSS Sikhi Camp 2014 - part 2

BOSS Sikhi Camp 2014 langer - part 1